Tiffney Cambridge advises premarital counseling

    Tiffney Cambridge and rapper Game called off their wedding earlier this year, and she thinks counseling beforehand could have helped avoid the drama.

    “I definitely think that a couple should go to premarital counseling. I think that had I went with my first mind and kind of made [Game] go to premarital counseling, that maybe some of the issues that we had that caused the wedding to be called off, maybe those could have been resolved,” Tiffney told Sister 2 Sister.

    While many couples decide to get some professional help as they plan their nuptials, Tiffney suggested the therapy come first.

    “I think you should fix whatever issues that you have before you even start planning to get married, not while you’re planning and definitely not after you’re married,” she said.

    Some reality personalities admit that being on the shows is like a form of therapy because it allows stars to see themselves from a different perspective. However, for many couples, being on TV results in a split. That’s something Tiffney hopes to avoid.

    “I do have a concern in regards to just making our relationship public. That is a concern of mine because it just opens the floodgates for people to comment and be opinionated on your personal life,” she said.

    At the same time, Tiffney acknowledged that her relationship with Game is already a topic of discussion for many. So, letting cameras in will give fans a real glimpse at what goes on.

    “I kinda already think that being with a celebrity, our relationship is kind of exposed anyway,” she said. “This is just an opportunity for people to know what’s really going on and make it a little more authentic."

    Some might wonder why Tiffney is still with Game after eight years and no walk down the aisle. Hear what she had to say to that below.
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    —Tracy L. Scott


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