Nicki Minaj shows her diva side?

    “American Idol” co-host Nicki Minaj recently visited “The Breakfast Club” radio show and proved that rappers can be divas just like their R&B counterparts.

    The Pink Friday artist was seemingly irritated that co-host Angela Yee hadn’t purchased her perfume, that Charlamange Tha God offered her the wrong type of bacon, that DJ Envy didn’t have specific songs from her album ready to play and that none of the DJs had watched her latest music video.

    “I don’t understand. How are y’all on the radio, especially if you know an artist is about to come up to your show, and you know she just put out a video, what would make you not watch it?” asked Nicki who rolled her eyes, turned her back to the DJs and used her cell phone during the interview.

    “How you going to ask me about a video and you haven’t even seen it?” said Nicki.

    Angela tried to defend herself, telling Nicki that she’d heard the entire album, smelled the perfume and seen all the other music videos.

    “In all fairness, we watched all of the E! series. We watched all of that, and we’ve seen all of your videos before that. We’ve heard the album. We know all of the songs on the album, and we’re familiar with it,” said Nicki.

    Nicki expressed frustrations that a lot of artists likely feel but haven’t vocalized. While she seemed to want to focus on promoting her album, the radio personalities admitted they sometimes want to zone in on celebrities’ personal lives. DJ Envy even asked if she was currently sexually active.

    “Y’all want to either discuss something personal or not discuss anything that I’m here to talk about,” said Nicki who may have been under more stress than usual.

    In addition to prepping for the “American Idol” premiere and working on a clothing line (due out in 2013), Nicki said she’s not getting the support she normally gets for her re-release.

    Target stores, which have sold more Nicki albums than any other outlet, aren’t making the re-release available to its customers, and neither is Walmart.

    “Best Buy only took a limited amount. So, it’s very difficult. It kind of sets you up to fail,” she said.

    Nicki talks more about “American Idol” and her E! reality series below. Watch.


    See photos of Nicki with T.I., Monica Brown and more!


    —Tracy L. Scott



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