‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 11.26.12

    Kim: “I can’t get out of this f@ck!ng house fast enough”

    Kim Zolciak was still “freaking out” about having to move out of her former dream house which she began referring to as “the haunted mansion.”

    “I can’t get out of this f@ck!ng house fast enough,” said Kim, and it’s rumored that “RHOA” viewers around the nation all cried out, “We can’t get away from this storyline fast enough!” That’s the rumor, anyway.

    A paranoid Kim, who no longer trusts Kendra, the owner of the home who’s apparently been tweeting about the blond’s failure to pay her rent, wanted to videotape everything to make sure Kendra never claims that the Biermann family destroyed the home.

    The stress was obviously getting to Kim whose cursing had gotten so excessive that her assistant, Sweetie Hughes, asked her to watch her language. Of course, that didn’t stop the expletives from flying.

    Thanks to Sweetie, who didn’t let Kim’s sour disposition stop her, the move moved forward.

    Finally, after four agonizing episodes about the move, Kim and her wigs returned to her town home. “God has a perfect plan,” said Kim before complaining about the house being a mess and having a good laugh over the vegetation she uprooted from the leased property.

    Please, Bravo. Make it stop.

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