‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 11.26.12

    Kandi: “You need to have your own house together before you start talking about mine”

    Elsewhere in the city, Kandi was also moving into her new home. She talked to her mother about Kim’s earlier visit, and admitted that she’s confused about Kim’s whole eviction situation.

    Kandi found it ironic that Kim is now losing her dream house after making negative comments about Kandi’s new home.

    “At least everybody in my neighborhood owns their homes,” said Kandi who paid for her house in cash and obviously isn’t hurting for money.

    The “Tardy for the Party” producer pinned a $100-dollar bill to little Ayden’s shirt during his birthday party.

    Porsha:  “Maybe the woman just has low self-esteem”

    Porsha Stewart is still confused about Kenya Moore’s title. Obviously, things between the two beauties haven’t improved and Porsha questioned whether she and Kenya will ever be able to get past it.

    “I don’t see her and I ever being relatable to each other and being friends,” said Porsha who concluded that Kenya is just unhappy with life.

    It seems like Kordell may be the yin to her yang as he spoke a few words of wisdom.

    “That energy she may have given you may have nothing to do with you,” reasoned Kordell.

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