‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 11.26.12

    Phaedra: “I don’t talk like that.”

    Everybody knows Phaedra Parks knows how to throw a party, and she spared no expense for her baby Ayden, who just reached his terrible twos.

    Of course, Phaedra turned to no other than Dwight Eubanks to help her plan Ayden’s party at the aquarium, complete with an indoor train, drum line and a dolphin show that nearly put everybody—including the tiny tike—to sleep.

    “At some points it feels like it’s never going to end,” said Kandi.

    Phaedra likely felt that same way during her lunch with Cynthia. The model confronted Phaedra about the damning audio in which Phaedra stated she didn’t give a f@ck if Cynthia attended Ayden’s birthday party.

    “I did not say that, and I think you know I don’t talk like that,” said Phaedra who insisted that she doesn’t “engage in gossip.”

    While it’s believable that Phaedra might not have remembered her exact words in regard to Cynthia being unable to attend Ayden’s party, she knows whether or not the sentiment was valid. Also, after hearing Cynthia quote her word for word, it should have jogged Phaedra’s memory.

    However, the southern belle, who deflected Cynthia’s offer to play the recording for her (by overemphasizing a bug bite on her chest), never admitted to the comments.

    Cynthia: “I don’t trust Phaedra.”

    Needless to say after hearing Phaedra Parks comment that she didn’t give a “f@ck” about whether Cynthia Bailey attended her event and then denying that she ever spoke the words, the ladies’ friendship is on the rocks.

    Just a few episodes ago, they were working out side by side in the gym seemingly willing to merge the Team Smalls and Team Talls of season 4.
    How quickly things change.

    “Instead of being a big girl about it, she just changed the subject and giggled her way out of it. After this incident, I don’t trust Phaedra.”

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