Royce wants Dwight to pay $100K legal fees

    Royce Reed has no intention of letting her babydaddy, Dwight Howard, get the leg up on her in court, despite his deep pockets.

    The former “Basketball Wives” star, who has been in and out of court with her NBA ex for years, is at risk of losing custody of their son. Dwight, who is suing for full custody, has a financial advantage with which Royce can’t compete.

    The dancer and actor wants to even the odds by requesting that Dwight pay her $100K that would go toward helping her win her case and keep her son.

    Royce filed a motion with the judge, requesting that Dwight handle her legal bills. He reportedly earns $1.3 million per month, according to TMZ.

    The single mother has already spent more than $44,100 on court costs so far and that sum could increase by $60K, according to some calculations.

    Dwight and Royce have been locked in a bitter and public dispute since before Royce debuted on season 1 of “Basketball Wives.”

    In 2006, he filed a suit against her for posting unflattering comments about him online. In March 2011, he had Royce’s assets frozen and confiscated her vehicle after she allegedly violated a gag order by tweeting about their son.

    While TMZ suggested that Royce was “axed” from “Basketball Wives,” some speculate that her ongoing legal battles with Dwight may have prompted her to quit the series.

    See photos of Royce, Shaunie O’Neal, Kesha Nichols and more “Basketball Wives” below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Should Dwight pay Royce’s legal bills? If not, how can she defeat him in court, or should she stop trying? Leave your comments below.

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