Tichina Arnold talks ‘Martin’ reunion

    Tichina Arnold would definitely be interested in a “Martin” reunion, but the rift between Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin might make that impossible.

    When asked about the possibility of a reunion episode of the ‘90s hit sitcom, Tichina responded that she wished it would happen. Although the cast members keep in touch, she acknowledged that they’ve moved on.

    “We’ve all gone our separate ways, and we didn’t know ‘Martin’ would be as big as it was,” she said on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!”

    “We didn’t know we were part of an iconic show,” she said.

    After “Martin,” Tichina starred in another hit sitcom, “Everybody Hates Chris.” However, she told Sister 2 Sister last year that Pam, her “Martin” character, is the one fans comment on the most.

    “I always get Pam. People always tell me I’m gonna always be Pam. That means I did my job right,” she said.

    Though Tichina confirmed that “all of us in the cast, we still talk to each other,” she didn’t specifically speak about whether Martin and Tisha still communicate.

    A sexual harassment lawsuit against Martin forced Tisha to depart from the series prematurely.

    Tichina said the discord between the two made things awkward for her and her co-stars.

    “The lawsuit was a very interesting thing to be a part of. Tisha and I have been friends since childhood, and Martin and I are still friends,” said Tisha who had to compartmentalize her relationships when the legal matter was underway.

    “There’s a point where you have to be professional and a point where you have to be personal, and I was very well aware of separating the two, and Tisha always respected that,” she said. “It was very weird, but I handled it as best I could.”

    See photos from Tichina’s wedding below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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