‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 11.27.12

    The ladies worked the runway while trying to keep it cute on the latest episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Brooke and Gloria rip the runway

    Monday’s episode of "BBW:LA"  seemed to be all about modeling! Whether they were strutting down the catwalk or getting catty over a magazine cover, the drama was centered on fashion.

    The night kicked off with a fashion for StevieBoi as Brooke Bailey and Gloria Govan sashayed in some rather outrageous designs.

    While the others were focused on having a good time, Draya seemed a little more concerned with why Jackie and Laura are getting along. We’re going to need Draya not to worry about whether or not they like each other.

    Once Draya declared that Laura’s evil, Brooke wiggle down the runway, followed closely by Gloria who was rocking a hard hat.


    Brooke’s party

    After Brooke stamped her name all over StevieBoi’s runway, she invited her castmates out for a drink to celebrate her King magazine cover.

    Draya chose to duck out the night in an effort to avoid Sean Malcolm, the editor-in-chief of King magazine. That may have been a smart move considering how he shaded her while explaining why he gave Brooke the cover.

    No matter what his opinion, Malaysia would have preferred if he would have kept it to himself.  We can’t blame her for not wanting to get involved in all the ridiculousness surrounding Draya’s falling out with Sean, either.

    Besides, his continual criticisms came off looking a bit unprofessional.

    Bambi in the studio

    While everyone else was focused on fashion, Bambi was cutting up in the studio with NBA player Baron Davis. He really seems to believe in her sound.

    The main reason that Bambi put so much stock in Baron’s opinion is because he knows how to achieve his goals. We still have yet to hear Bambi’s music, so it would have been nice if VH1 had caught her freestyle.

    Jackie takes New York Fashion Week

    Laura  and Jackie may have their issues, but Laura is all for someone getting their hustle on! That’s why she was front and center for Jackie’s New York Fashion Week debut. She may have had Jackie sweating it out a little because she was late, but she showed up just in time to rep her frienemies line.

    Meanwhile, Malaysia is trying to shake a serious case of stage fright as Jackie ambushed her with the news that she would be closing the show. It was a surprise for Malaysia, but she stepped out with some serious swag in Jackie’s metallic trench coat.

    Is Draya hating?

    Once back in Los Angeles, Brooke had to get a moment with Draya to talk about pulling a no show at her King celebration.

    Where Draya thought she was being a good friend by ducking out of the party to avoid any drama, Brooke felt Draya should have been there for her regardless of who else came out.

    But Brooke’s real issue is that Draya seems to be downplaying her accomplishment. We can’t exactly disagree with that sentiment as Draya did seem a little salty that Brooke got the cover, claiming last week that it would have been hers had she stuck around.

    Not only that, but it doesn’t inspire good feelings when one diminishes their friend’s accomplishment no matter how big or small. What we can say, though,  is that Draya definitely owns her feelings in this situation, and she makes no excuses.

    Still being a model, she should know how to plaster on a smile like none other.

    —Sonya Eskridge





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