‘Marrying The Game’ recap: 11.27.12

    A cinnamon bun started a major fight on the latest episode of "Marrying The Game."

    Cleaning house

    Who knew sweets could make someone so angry?!  Tiffney Cambridge has been running around like mad trying to plan her and Game’s wedding. That’s a task in and of itself, but being a working mom and trying to keep a fully stocked fridge when your man’s friends are always at the house is hard work! Not mention, she’s running a few final errands for their engagement party.

    Sometimes all the other tasks don’t leave time for Tiffney to cook Game some breakfast. Still, she made sure her man had a little something to eat when he woke up. Imagine his surprise when he comes downstairs to find his friends cleaning up the kitchen and no eggs or bacon.

    Runaway groom

    Instead of understanding the demands of his bride’s schedule, Game got mad. In his opinion, Tiffney’s not taking care of him like she should.

    In his defense, he works hard to take care of his family and keep them in a nice house. Sometimes that requires long hours at the studio. When a man comes home after a long day (or night) of work, he wants to feel appreciated, and cinnamon roll  wasn’t cutting it for him.

    Of course it’s hard to cook your man breakfast if there’s practically no food in the house. 

    Kiss and make up

    At an engagement party, the happy couple should be…well…happy! That definintely was not the case for Tiffney and Game, who were each pouting in their separate corners.

    Thankfully they each had some people to talk some sense into them!

    —Sonya Eskridge

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