Keyshia Cole explains ‘biracial’ claims

    Keyshia Cole has been busy staving off the haters who are predicting the end of her marriage and taking issue with comments she made about being biracial.

    When Keyshia visited BET’s “106 & Park” last week, the Woman to Woman artist shared that she didn’t know much about Black Girls Rock before being asked to participate in this year’s show. As a possible product of an interracial relationship, Keyshia said she wasn’t sure she should sign on to rep the organization.

    “I’m bi-racial, but it’s okay. I’m Black,” she said. “At first I was kinda skeptical about being a part of the Black Girls Rock organization, but then when I read on it and I realized how strengthening it is for our Black women, and women in general, how strengthening it is for us to come together and understand that we rock… So, I just think that it’s a beautiful organization and I’m happy to be apart of it.”

    Critics locked onto Keyshia’s declaration that she’s biracial. After receiving questions from her Twitter followers, Keyshia decided to explain why she’s unsure about her ethnic background.

    “I was raised in Oakland. My mother is a Black woman HOWEVER I do not know my father. Nor really care to know,” she wrote.

    Keyshia, who pointed out that she never denied being Black, and her mother Frankie Lons have said in the past that Keyshia’s father is an Italian man.

    “People talking about I said I’m not black? Wtf.. People are crazy. They will take your words and do what they want with them! #GetaLife,” she wrote.

    Unfortunately for Keyshia, she was recently on Twitter again to defend her marriage after “Family First” viewers began wishing the worst.

    “Keyshia cole don’t deserve her husband not 1 bit,” wrote one Twitter user.

    “keyshia cole gone get divorced before a year .. lol watch,” wrote another.

    Of course, Keyshia didn’t hesitate to set the haters straight.

    “B!tc# u don’t know what me N husband been thru ho,” she wrote. “Simple ass b!tc#es running me hot!”

    While she may have let a few tweeters get to her at first, Keyshia ultimately thanked those who support her and her marriage to Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

    “To you all that have faith in my husband and I, I want to say thank you! People need to #StopWishingFailure on others! Not cool!

    See Keyshia’s tweets.



    Watch Keyshia’s BET comments below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott


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