‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 12.3.12

    Phaedra: “I do apologize”

    Cynthia Bailey was armed with proof that Phaedra Parks did claim not to “give a f_ck” if Cynthia couldn’t attend Phaedra’s son’s party.

    However, before she could confront her co-star with the damning audio, Phaedra presented Cynthia with a gift, owned up to the comment, explained herself and apologized.

    Is all forgiven?

    While Phaedra comes bearing gifts for Cynthia, Kandi has gifts for Phaedra. While shopping, the two bond over sex toys.

    Kandi, who is utilizing her Kegel balls at the time, wants Phaedra to try out the products as well.

    “Kandi’s so adventurous. Only she could run around with balls in all day,” says Phaedra who seems much more interested in the penis ring.

    Porsha: “I’m branching out”

    Porsha Stewart invites NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey over her house to get to know the “RHOA” vets.

    Before turning the topic of conversation to Kenya Moore, Porsha talks to the ladies about her Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless organization, which doesn’t just help people during the holidays. “This is 265 days a year,” she states.

    Porsha, who found an anti-Kenya ally in Cynthia, isn’t just branching out when it comes to public service. Like her nemesis Kenya, she wants kids ASAP.

    Maybe the two ladies can bond over that.

    Porsha, who suffered a miscarriage six months earlier, visits her OBGYN and is ready to start baby making again. It’s “the sooner the better” for Porsha who wants to know how to create twins. However, her doctor suggests she worry about one baby at a time.

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