‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 12.3.12

    NeNe Leakes: “If I don’t like you, you will know it”


    NeNe Leakes considers herself a good judge of character, and while she takes to Porsha Stewart right away, she still isn’t quite feeling co-star Kandi Burruss.

    The two women just haven’t seemed to click, but NeNe’s main rival is still Kim Zolciak.

    When the ladies all meet for lunch to discuss their plans to travel to Anguilla, it’s all NeNe can do to keep herself from lashing out at Kim, who happens to be sitting within neck-grabbing distance.

    Kandi: “I hope that Kim doesn’t cancel on us”

    While Cynthia Bailey talks to Kandi about the upcoming cast trip, she admits that she and NeNe still haven’t meshed.

    “I always feel like everything NeNe does is a motive to it,” Kandi confessed to Cynthia who decided she’s not going to push that friendship.

    Kandi, who invited Kenya to join the ladies in Anguilla, is more concerned about Kim Zolciak and hoping she’ll travel with the rest of the cast this season.

    “I hope that Kim does not cancel on us,” she foreshadows.

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