Sydney Tamiia Poitier talks new Web series ‘Kendra’

    Sydney Tamiia Poitier is occupying two worlds in the new WIGS webisode for "Kendra."

    "Kendra" is set in that odd place before and after any surgical procedure where reality is a bit fuzzy for the patient. The series centers on a nurse that’s tasked with looking after patients who are coming out of anesthesia while they’re in the twilight room.

    In the twilight room nothing is really real—at least not for the patients, who are totally uninhibited in their thoughts and actions. While it’s Kendra’s job to make sure they come out of their hazes safely, it’s Sydney’s job to put them under.

    Sydney tells us that her role as anesthesiologist Dr. Leslie works on a few different levels. Much like the title character Kendra and the other doctors, Leslie is a military veteran, and in Sydney’s opinion that alone forces a person to live in two different spaces at the same time.

    "Being a soldier and being a veteran, you always have one part of yourself that will always kind of be in that place, and then the other part of you is at home," Sydney explained to us. "But you learn to kind of live inside yourself in this inner consciousness that’s sort of split in these places. And I think that’s sort of representative of what the twilight room, is in a way." 

    It’s one of the big things that Kendra and Leslie have in common, but it’s not the only thing. While it’s been subtly established in the series that the nurse Kendra is a lesbian (and has no problem getting down with the swirl), the episode below does bring up one question: Does Dr. Leslie like girls, too?

    Viewers won’t get an answer for that right now, but Sydney said that Kendra and Leslie do develop a relationship that stems from their common experience of serving in the military.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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