‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 12.4.12

    The women of "Basketball Wives: LA" just couldn’t leave the drama behind to do some good in New Orleans.

    Jackie’s records a new single

    Jackie Christie wants to sing! Or rap…or whatever it was that she was doing in the sound booth. The point is, Jackie wants to make music, and she has the means to do it since she owns a record label (who knew?!).

    And instead of dragging her dearest frienemy Laura Govan into the studio with her, Jackie tapped the cast’s resident rapper Bambi for a little moral support. While Jackie went extra hard at first while rapping about black Gucci shades and what not, she’d calmed her act down by the time Bambi arrived.

    Her new homie wasn’t going to steer her wrong, though. Bambi let Jackie know that she’d speak up if the "BBW: LA" vet sounded wack.

    Gloria gets gangsta

    Gloria Govan wanted all the girls to get dolled up for her sister Laura Govan’s birthday before heading out on the town. What should have been an afternoon of makeup and cocktails turned into a would-be wrestling match.

    Things got ugly at the pretty party when Bambi joked about wanting to slap someone, and Gloria had to quickly let the unofficial cast member know that she does not play.  Yep, that’s right. Gloria was ready to throw down at her sister’s birthday party.

    We don’t know who would have won (Bambi’s big, but Gloria seems like a scrapper), but they were both ready to get things popping. So ready, in fact, that Bambi leveled a threat at Gloria for simply picking up a cupcake to snack on. Gloria didn’t seem too concerned.

    All the arguing put a damper on Laura’s plans to cel


    New Orleans bound

    Something was noticeably missing from the cast’s arrival in New Orleans: The Govan sisters. After that that fight at Laura’s party we wouldn’t blame them for just hopping a different flight. Besides the limo would have been a little crowded.

    A little discussion revealed gossip that Gloria and Matt had eloped, and this seemed to rub the cast the wrong way. They were happy for the love birds, but they couldn’t understand why Gloria wouldn’t have given them a heads up about the nuptials if they’re all friends.

    The only one that didn’t seem to be tripping about Gloria keeping her big day private was Brooke Bailey, who was still feeling upset that Draya Michele didn’t really celebrate her getting the cover of King.

    Jackie’s just happy she’s not the one in the middle anymore!


    Gloria got married…now back to Brooke and Draya

    After sullenly sitting out of a quick toast for Gloria’s last-minute matrimony, Bambi got up from the table to disassociate herself from the happy moment. It was the girls’ first night in New Orleans, so Malaysia wanted everyone to have a nice meal together, but she made sure to go check on her friend.

    After convincing Bambi to take her big girl pill,  the rapper came back to the table just in time for Malaysia to remind everyone why they’re in No’La. It might have been a nice night after that, but Jackie decided to bring up the Draya/Brooke drama. Instead of shutting down the disagreement, the women

    Malaysia had had it! Not only was she sick of all the arguments she was actually under the weather. Throughout the season, she’s made several attempts to get all the girls on the same page so that everyone can get along, but she forgot she’s on a reality show.

    With another fight on the horizon, she excused herself after telling the girls to "get it together."


    Doing good, talking bad

    Not even when they were building a home for a family could the ladies of "BBW: LA" stop fussing and fighting. Malaysia busted up any smack talk by dragging Jackie back to the front of the house to do some more work.

    When they were all confined to the inside of the house, Draya made plans to head out for a night of drunken fun on Bourbon St. And she was very clear on her intent to leave some of the other girls out.


    Us and them

    Surprise, surprise! On a night when everyone should be enjoying some downtime from all the drama, most everyone still found some time to chat about their enemies. Bambi

    After a quick break in the conversation, it was back to Draya’s night of ratchetness and flashing ensued. Getting drunk and showing your behind is what you do on Borurbon Street.

    Meanwhile, Brooke and the Govans had a quiter night elsewhere in New Orleans, but there was still some catty conversation about the rest of the cast.


    Check out Jackie Christie’s full single when you flip through Daily Buzz 9.21.12 below!

    —Sonya Eskridge



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