First Look: TLC previews ‘The Sisterhood’

    TLC is kicking off the new year in church with its upcoming show "The Sisterhood."

    Based out of out Atlanta, "The Sisterhood" will follow five women that give very different examples of what it means to be a first lady of the church.

    "A first lady has to appear perfect because she sets the standard for the congregation" said cast member Dominique Scott (seen far right). Her co-star Tara Y. Lewis (center) echoes that sentiment, stating, "When you’re married to a pastor you’re held to a higher standard."

    Their cast mate Ivy Couch (second from right) quickly reminds viewers, though, that there’s more to them as women than supporting their men in the ministry. "If you pull back the curtain and see us for who we truly are, you’d be shocked," she said.

    So who are these ladies?

    Dominque knows that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. She and her husband Brian grew The Good Life Ministry until they were forced to shut down due to hard times. Now the couple is back on their feet and looking for new opportunities to spread the word of God. 

    And you can chalk another reality show up for Xscape! That would be thanks to Ivy, who was a member of the group before settling down with her hubby Mark. Don’t remember her? She told that she joined the group after Kandi left in 2000. Since they’d also lost their deal with Jermain Dupri the group didn’t do much. 

    Music is a huge part of the ministry for Delana Rutherford (second from left) and her husband Myles. While a quick glance makes Delana seem more rocker chick than church lady, she said, "Preachers wives can run from very conservative to very radical."

    From the trailer for "The Sisterhood," Tara seems to be a good example of Delana was talking about. While she’s not exactly the demure, quiet first lady most people expect her to be, she’s not shy about sharing her faith. Aside from keeping her spirit in check, she’s committed to staying in shape.

    Finally, there’s Christina Murray (far left) who won’t hesitate to tell anyone, "I’m Dominican and I don’t play." She and her hubby Anthony have one of the biggest congregations in Atlanta with the Oasis Family Life Church. The couple is happy to see their congregation grow, but sometimes it is a challenge to meet everyone’s needs in church and still keep an eye on their daughters.

    How will such different ladies get along? "First ladies generally disagree on a whole lot of things," said Dominique. "The only thing we agree on is that we all love God. Everything else is up to chance."

    Get a quick peek at the show before it debuts January at 9 p.m.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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