‘Marrying The Game’ recap: 12.4.12

    Wedding plans crumbled and Tiffney Cambridge moved out on the latest episode of "Marrying The Game."

    Leaving on a jet plane

    In the past, Tiffney has asked to be included on business trips to locations she’d want to go. Game, however, didn’t see the point in bringing her since it was just a quick gig and he’d only be gone for a day or two.

    While we can certainly understand his thinking (it’s business, not fun), the point that Game was missing isn’t that he was only going to be gone for day. Tiffney wants to be able to go on the trips to enjoy the locations with him…just like his homies do!

    Yep, Game was brining his friends along for the Paris gig, but Tiffney had to stay home and she was not pleased. Six other people were slated to go on the trip with Game, and one had to sit out because his passport was stolen. This means there was room on the trip for Tiffney.

    Instead of tripping about the fact that Game was bringing a trial assistant on the trip (though, admittedly, we wouldn’t be too thrilled about it, either), she should have taken her fiancé to task over the fact that he planned to bring a gang of his friends instead of her.

    If it’s really only for day, his entourage can stay in the states with no problem. That’s what he wanted Tiffney to do. She said that if he left, she and the kids would be gone when he comes home. And that was no idle threat.

    Change in wedding plans

    There was more bad news for Tiffney when her wedding planner, Christie Rose, revealed that their  venue had decided to drop plans to host Tiffney and Game’s big day.

    Initially, Christie said that the venue pulled out on the grounds that guest list was too large for them to accommodate at 200 people. But something in her gut told her that wasn’t the real story. Christie suggested that perhaps someone on the venue staff had come across some unflattering news about Game.

    This disappointing news came after Tiffney and Game sent out their wedding invites. It all left the bride scrambling to figure out what’s next.


    Game gets stiched and stapled

    It seems that Game got into a little trouble during his working trip to Cannes. The rapper wasn’t just doing a gig, though, as he also took a little time to party with Wiz Khalifa.

    The night seemed to be going pretty good until it was time to leave and Game thought one of the security guards said something smart. Instead of ignoring what he heard, Game smashed a bottle of champagne over the other man’s head. The guard responded in kind, leaving a four-inch gash on the back of Game’s head.

    That’s not the only injury he may have sustained since the rapper said he was jumped by six dudes. It’s not clear why Game waited to get state side to have a doctor look at him, but he got stapled up in Beverly Hills.


    House is not a home

    Tiffney made good on her promise from earlier in the show. When Game got home from the doctor, he came home to an empty house. Tiffney had packed up the kids and their stuff and left.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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