Peter Thomas takes issue with Halle Berry

    Everybody has an opinion and the outspoken Peter Thomas is sharing his and criticizing Halle Berry.

    The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” hubby said the Oscar-winning actress should never have allowed things to escalate between her ex, Gabriel Aubry and her boyfriend Olivier Martinez. The two men ended up in a physical altercation that landed Gabriel in the hospital for a brief time on Thanksgiving Day.

    “Halle Berry had the power to shut it down. This is a very volatile situation that she’s put herself in once again. He’s dropping off his daughter and all Halle had to do is come out of the house, meet the baby half way … and keep it moving and that man can go about his business,” Peter told Uptown Magazine.

    Peter knows a little bit about being in Olivier’s shoes. He is the stepfather of Cynthia Bailey’s daughter with actor Leon. While Halle has struggled to keep things cordial between her daughter’s parental figures, Peter, Cynthia and Leon seem to have it figured out.

    “Halle should take tips from my beautiful wife, Cynthia, and how she’s handled the situation with me, her daughter Noel and Leon. The way she dealt with it out the gate was I couldn’t even walk in her house until I sat down to dinner with her child’s father. She made sure that everything was so cordial before it could accelerate,” he said giving the “RHOA” star props.

    In Halle’s defense, it doesn’t seem she and Gabriel had the amicable split that Cynthia and Leon did.

    Peter did admit that if Cynthia had done things differently, there might have been some tension between him and his wife’s ex.

    “He might say something. I might say something and then it jumps off,” said Peter, describing a scenario in which Leon first meets Peter unexpectedly at Cynthia’s house. “Leon would get heated because he wouldn’t have known this man that was up in the house with his little daughter.”

    Though Halle identifies herself as Black, Peter did bring up race as something he dislikes about Halle’s situation.

    “She may be half White, but she’s half Black too and this is not good,” he said. “If it was two Black men who go to work on each other like that, they would say it’s expected of us.”

    Peter also complained that members of the Black community criticize the healthy relationship he, Leon and Cynthia have established.

    “I hear rhetoric like, ‘How you gone have Leon up in your house like that brother?’” he said. “What we are doing is 100 percent correct and our community isn’t embracing it. We should celebrate what me, Leon and Cynthia are doing.”

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you agree with Peter? Should their "RHOA" situation be held up as a standard and copied? Could Halle have prevented the violence between Gabriel and Olivier?


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