Date Night With Dwele

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    Sister 2 Sister caught up with Dwele in between DJ gigs and before he headed out to promote his album to find out what he would do to make a date with him unforgettable.

    Of course, this date would take place in his hometown of Detroit. Read on to find out how Dwele has fun.

    —Sabrina M. Parker

    S2S: Greet her with a hug or a kiss?
    Dwele: First date, I’m going to give her a hug.

    S2S: What are you trying to learn about her?
    Dwele:  I want to see if the conversation can flow. I rather not go in there with pre-existing topics. I want to know where her head is. Why are we  out on this date? Is it because she’s really feeling me or is it because she wants to get a good Instagram picture out of the night?

    S2S: Good-bye hug or kiss?
    Dwele: Depends on how the night went. You can feel if it’s the right time for that. So if I feel that I have to force (a kiss) then it won’t happen.



    Get more from Dwele in the November 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


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