Tamar Braxton lightened by Vitiligo?

    Vincent Herbert explained that the reason his wife’s complexion seems a bit lighter than it once did is because she has Vitiligo.

    Tamar Braxton, who’s been accused of bleaching her skin and undergoing plastic surgery, denied that the rumors are true.

    “I just think that’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Tamar who argued that she doesn’t even have time to alter her looks.

    “I just want to know what time do I have to do that. It’s just been crazy. If you really think about it, we’ve been shooting ‘Braxton Family Values’ for two years and then in between that it was ‘Tamar & Vince,’ and now we’re back into production with ‘Braxton Family Values.’ So, ‘When did she change her face?’ I just think I grew up and I don’t look the same that I did when I was 19,” she told Bossip.com.

    Not only does she deny that she bleaches her skin, Tamar said she tans. It may not seem like it to viewers, but Vincent revealed why that is.
    “Actually, Tamar has the same thing that Michael Jackson had,” said Vince referring to the disease that strips the pigmentation from skin.

    Vince said Tamar isn’t the type of woman who would want plastic surgery, and he wouldn’t want her to change her looks.

    “I would never be with a vain person like that,” Vince said. “Tamar doesn’t get up and say, ‘I want to bleach…’”

    As for the questions and criticism, Vince said he encourages Tamar to block it out.

    “It’s so ignorant. It’s just not appropriate. It’s wrong,” he said.

    See more of Tamar and Vince’s interview below.


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    —Tracy L. Scott


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