Gloria Govan shares wedding details

    Gloria Govan said her last-minute wedding in Las Vegas was an absolutely perfect surprise.

    More than two years after canceling their first wedding, Gloria married Matt Barnes in a small ceremony surrounded by a handful of friends and family.

    Really, though, Gloria’s big day wasn’t just about her. It was more of a birthday party/family reunion/wedding. Most people are under the impression that Gloria and her now-hubby Matt Barnes ran off to Vegas on whim to get hitched, but she told us that that is really not how it went down.

    "I think that got really misconstrued. It wasn’t that I went to Vegas to get married," Gloria explained to S2S, sharing that the wedding went down during another family get-together. "We went to Vegas for my sister’s birthday. And actually that’s when it happened–it was very unplanned, very random, and it was cool."

    Matt and Gloria had no clue they were getting married the morning of their actual wedding. Somehow, though, they wound up at the altar rather quickly and throwing the ceremony together was a whirlwind. There was just enough time to call a couple of family members and get to the Little White Wedding Chapel before Matt and Gloria exchanged vows.

    "It happened within hours of making that decision," Gloria revealed. "I mean I got married in jeans and a tank top, you know. There was no white dress. There wasn’t a veil. There wasn’t a ‘everyone come to Vegas because we’re getting married’ [announcement]. It was very random."

    She added. "It was perfect. It fit our relationship and the way we’ve done things perfectly."

    When news began circulating that Gloria and Matt had gotten hitched the public was pretty shocked. Her family was less surprised, but they were still thrilled to be onhand for the couple’s special day. There were whispers that VH1 was a little salty about not being informed of the nuptials until after the fact, and some of her "Basketball Wives: LA" cast mates wondered why they didn’t get an invite, either.

    But Gloria insists that things were so last minute that many people couldn’t make it to the chapel to witness her wedding, so it was a relatively small guest list. "We ended up having about 20 people, but there were a lot of people there because it was my sister’s birthday anyway," said Gloria.

    Many thought that Matt and Gloria would never get hitched, especially after they split up during season 1 of "Basketball Wives: LA." But there was never a doubt in Gloria’s mind that she would eventually be Matt’s wife. "Even while I was not with Matt–I always knew that Matt was the person I was going to be with." Gloria shared. "I’ve always seen him at the end of that altar. I think honestly I could say the same for him, so it wasn’t a hard decision."

    She added, "The way that we did it, and the people  that were there sharing it with us…it was literally perfect. I wouldn’t do it any differently, even to this day."

    While their ceremony may have been quick and quiet, the couple still plans to renew their vows in a larger wedding next year. "We’re going to do a bigger wedding this summer coming up in Santa Barbara. Matt’s very traditional," Gloria dished. We’re definitely going to do it big this summer."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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