Ne-Yo: ‘Women were supposed to rule the world’

    Singer Ne-Yo opened up to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about his career, romance, upbringing, rumors and more.

    Get an excerpt of the interview below.


    Jamie: Normally when you meet someone in the position you’re in, you’re more like the prey as opposed to predator. Would you say that? Because guys get hooked in with girls and maybe have kids with the girl but then don’t want to be with the girl. A lot of guys talk to me about that.
    Ne-Yo: I said for a long time that women were supposed to rule the world a long time ago. Y’all have all power; either y’all just don’t realize it or you just don’t know how to use it. But there are some women out there that have figured out that they have the power, and these celebrity dudes are prey. A dude will rob, steal and kill for some sex; it’s the sad truth. [laughs]

    Jamie: Right.
    Ne-Yo: About a lot of guys, you know?

    Jamie: Did your mom teach you better? What were some things your mom said to you then?
    Ne-Yo: My mom taught me the difference between a woman and a lady. You being a woman is not a choice for you, you know? God makes that choice for you. You being a lady is all you. That’s your decision.

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