‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 12.11.12

    The trip to New Orleans proved to be an emotional end to season 2 of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Malaysia questions Laura

    Malaysia Pargo wanted to know just what exactly was on Laura Govan’s mind when she met up with Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel.

    Laura revealed that the meeting was actually meant to hurt Jackie, but it turned into something completely different.  Originally, Laura just wanted to meet up with Chantel to say she met up with her, not necessarily to actually talk about Jackie.

    Jackie channels her mother

    Jackie Christie misses her mother and would do anything for more time with her. But she didn’t expect to run into her mom during a night out in New Orleans as she went to a séance with her cast mates.

    We’re a little skeptical of psychics and people that say they can connect with the dead, but the medium seemed to hit a nerve with Jackie. What struck her the most was that the psychic knew things about her mom and sister that no one else could possibly know.

    It was all a little too much for Jackie, who ran from the room. Despite whatever plots Laura may have had against Jackie, Laura went out and comforted her cast nemesis after that emotional episode.


    Ready to rumble

    Draya Michele did not appreciate her cast mate Gloria calling her manager to find out her whereabouts. But it didn’t stay on that feud for too long as, yet again, Draya’s conversation turned into a fight with Brooke Bailey.

    Meanwhile Bambi jumped into the fray to target Gloria, who dismissed the rapper but looked ready to get out of her way.

    We’re not sure how every single meeting turns into a fight with these ladies, but plenty of people manage to ride on the bus and other vehicles without getting into an altercation. This must be why the cast of "BBW: LA" gets paid the big bucks.


    Broken bonds

    Malaysia made one final attempt to get everyone on the same page as the cast met for their final dinner in New Orleans. We noticed that each of the ladies was seated directly across from her enemy, and that can’t be good for the digestion.

    When it became clear that Brooke and Draya were not going to mend their friendship on this trip, Malaysia moved on to Bambi and Gloria. Honestly, we have to side with Gloria in their ongoing dispute about when Bambi should just shut up, particularly in the case of Laura and Jackie’s feud.

    The general rule is that you don’t speak on a situation if you are ill-informed. That’s clearly not the rule Bambi goes by, though. Also, We’re not sure in what context it would ever be "okay" to tell somebody that you want to "smack the s*#t" out of them. That’s pretty much always going to start a fight.

    But the finale took a turn for the dramatic when the conversation turned to Jackie and Laura’s feud.


    Wounded women

    When it came to her children, Jackie broke down. Laura’s lunch with her daughter really cut Jackie deeply and she ended the season in tears.


    —Sonya Eskridge



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