‘Marrying The Game’ recap: 12.11.12

    There was a major breakdown in communication on the latest episode of "Marrying The Game."

    Tiffney calls off the wedding

    Game and Tiffney Cambridge weren’t getting along at the beginning of this week’s episode, but there was still a wedding to plan.  "Was" being the key word.

    Tiffney decided after last week’s blowout with her hubby-to-be that she needed to pack up the kids and head back to her own home. Game came home to an empty house and, instead of immediately heading out to get his wife-to-be and kids back, he took a nap. And he wasn’t about to break down and apologize, either!

    While Game was  trying to play it tough, Tiffney decided to put the brakes on their wedding. She failed to mention that development to Game, who found out that the nuptials were off via their website after a friend contacted him to find out what happened.


    Back to work

    Game couldn’t mope about the wedding too long because he had to get back to work, but he didn’t seem terribly focused on the matter at hand.


    Tiffney, please come home

    Game went to Tiffney’s place to reclaim his family. Up until that point he had been stonewalling and waiting on Tiffney to break down and call him first, but neither of them was going to be the first to blink.

    His wedding being canceled was a huge wakeup call for the rapper, who let his guard all the way down to ask Tiffney to come home. As he put it. He felt lost without her and the kids.

    Tiffney was still feeling some type of way about the fact that it took her calling off the wedding to get his attention. So what will she do?




    —Sonya Eskridge

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