Kenya Moore replies to fake romance claims

    Kenya Moore is mortified by Walter Jackson’s allegations that their love is a lie!

    It’s safe to say that things between Kenya and Walter are over.

    Earlier this week, Walter told Frank Ski that his romantic relationship with the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was fake and strictly for show. Today, Kenya spoke out on the matter through a statement released to "The Wendy Williams Show."

    “The truth is and has always been that I want to be in a loving, honest, long-term relationship with someone who genuinely loves me for me," Kenya said before explicitly denying the allegations. "Walter’s recent statements are completely false."

    Walter claimed that Kenya propositioned her to play the role of her man, and he even went so far as to say that he consulted with his boys about the alleged opportunity. Beyond that, Walter claimed that no one in Atlanta has ever seen him out with Kenya, and Frank backed it up.

    This was a major slap in the face for Kenya, who has been campaigning for a ring all season. She even proposed the idea of eloping while they were in Anguilla. Walter said that Kenya never mentioned anything about a pretend engagement beforehand. Adding insult to injury, shots of Walter getting cozy with another woman surfaced on Instagram last week.

    "I am embarrassed that I allowed a deceitful and hateful person in my life," Kenya said. "He says he ‘did it for fame.’ I’ve been humiliated enough by appearing desperate for a man to marry me who now admits he had his own agenda."

    From there, Kenya insinuated that the rest of their real story will play out  on "RHOA" as the season goes on. "I urge viewers to stay tuned because the truth will come to light," said Kenya.

    In the meantime, it looks like Kenya is ready to leave Walter in her rearview. "I am moving on from this situation and hope he can as well with respect and dignity going forward. I have heard the fans and my friends loud and clear," Kenya stated. "I can do better than Walter, and I will.”


    Take a look at Walter and his new woman when you flip through Daily Buzz 12.5.12 below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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