Keyshia Cole shares ‘Woman to Woman’

    Fans, friends and others were able to get a special sneak peak of Keyshia Cole’s latest album, Woman to Woman, as a part of a listening and Q&A session on Tuesday night at Studio 202 in Washington, D.C.

    Keyshia dropped by to preview her fifth studio project and chat with fellow artist and radio host Raheem DeVaughn about the new album. She also dished about what life has been like lately for her as she continues to celebrate motherhood and marriage.

    “We put a lot of hard work in there. Brought up feelings and emotions that I didn’t want to,” Keyshia said. She spoke on Woman to Woman being relatable for her fans, to show them that a girl who comes from where they come from can be happy and overcome adversity. But Keyshia was quick to let them know that her hopes and dreams are just as normal as the next semi-newlywed’s. “I wanna be with my husband, I wanna raise my son. You know, I wanna grow old with my husband and I wanna create that family environment for my son. Nobody should be able to tear that down when you have that.”

    Keyshia took us through the soulful sounds of her album, starting with “Missing Me,” written by Keyshia and produced by Eric Hudson. “He’s very talented,” Keyshia said of the famed producer. The record seemed to be a favorite of Keyshia’s: “Turn that up! I need to listen to that,” she said with a laugh. “I can always hear more of this song.”

    The title track “Woman to Woman,” featuring Ashanti, was a crowd favorite; you could hear audience members murmuring, “I love this song” as it started to play. Apparently Keyshia’s a big fan, too, as she begged DJ Heat, “Nooo! Keep going!” when the music started to fade out. Raheem asked Keyshia what it was like working with Ashant, and she said with a laugh, “Umm…Ashanti doesn’t drink. Like at all."

    “Wonderland” was another favorite: “It is so sexy!” Keyshia said. “I just love the song. I love the feeling of it, I love the emotion of the record.” She said the key to sexy for her is that the song doesn’t need to have lyrics. “Once you hear it and it’s a sexy song, you know it.”

    It wasn’t all about the music, though. Fans and Raheem’s radio show staff showed their appreciation for Keyshia with gifts such as a beautiful cake, a painted picture of the singer and a bracelet.

    While listeners didn’t hear the entire CD, we heard enough of Woman to Woman to know that Keyshia has a reason to be proud of this project, filled with some serious beats and the songstress’ rich and throaty tone. And the audience seemed to agree, voicing hearty approval for track after track. “Man, I’m so glad that y’all love it. I’m so happy about that,” Keyshia said. “I just really appreciate my fans. I love my fans to death. … This album is for them.”



    —Ariana Gordon




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