Brooke Bailey discredits Govan sisters?

    Brooke Bailey isn’t quick to give credit to the Govan sisters for creating the “Basketball Wives: LA” spinoff as they’ve claimed.

    “I know that I’m thankful for Shaunie [O’Neal] for coming up with ‘Basketball Wives,’ period because I’m a part of the organization now, and I’m really thankful for that ‘cause it gave me a job,” Brooke told

    Brooke’s gratitude is commendable, but also challenges what Gloria Govan Barnes and sister Laura Govan have said about their significant role in bringing the spinoff to the West Coast.

    “Let’s not get it twisted. I’m the reason why there’s a spinoff. Gloria came to L.A. with my sister, and we started ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’ Gloria said on Part 1 of the season 2 reunion.

    Gloria’s comments fall right in line with what Laura told Sister 2 Sister earlier this year after Shaunie posted comments on Twitter suggesting a makeover of the show.

    “My sister and I brought ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’" Laura said. "Shaunie has nothing to do with ‘Basketball Wives: LA.’"

    Brooke didn’t deny that the Govans may have had something to do with the series’ expansion, but she couldn’t confirm their claims.

    “I’m sure that it probably would have been a little bit hard for them to come up with a whole new cast of women. It was a great idea to bring Gloria and her sister ’cause there was so much drama from Miami with Laura and Shaq [O’Neal] and Gloria. So, it was a great concept and a great idea and we’re able to carry it on,” said Brooke.

    While there have been rumors that Brooke, Gloria, Laura and Malaysia Pargo have been fired from the show, Brooke seems confident in and happy with her contribution to the franchise.

    “I’m not a basketball wife officially, but I am a Basketball Wife, and I’m a part of this organization. So, I feel like we brought something to the table, for those who aren’t here anymore, and for the new cast,” said Brooke who has maintained her friendship with the Govans.

    “I didn’t expect that me, Gloria and Laura would be so cool,” Brooke told VH1. “I think everything [Gloria] and Matt went through was really good for them. They’re in such a good place now. It’s beautiful,” she told VH1.

    See more of Brooke’s interview below.


    See photos of Brooke, Gloria, Laura and more of your favorite "Basketball Wives" stars.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Should the "BBW: LA" cast members give the Govan sisters more props for helping bring the spinoff to life? Leave your comments below.


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