Cynthia unfazed by Kenya’s flirting

    Many women—both wed and single—raised eyebrows when they witnessed Kenya Moore bend down and rub her hind parts on Cynthia Bailey’s husband.

    However, Cynthia said the “dirty dancing,” which many found disrespectful, really didn’t faze her.

    “I was not bothered by Kenya dancing with Peter. We were all dancing and having a good time. Yes, the little ‘bend over booty shake part’ was a little extra, but overall I thought it was pretty harmless,” said Cynthia.

    Strangely enough, Cynthia seemed more bothered by Kenya’s interaction with Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida.

    While the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members were all poolside in Anguilla, Kenya pushed Apollo in the water. In return, he lifted her on his shoulder and jumped in while the former Miss USA was still wearing her clothes.

    “I’m with Phaedra on this one. The ‘let’s throw other people’s husbands and wives in the pool game’ is a no-no,” Cynthia wrote in her latest blog. “As married folks, there have to be some boundaries that need to be respected.”

    It might seem peculiar that a shove apparently bothered Cynthia more than inappropriate dancing, but she said it didn’t bother her much because she’s secure in her marriage to hubby Peter Thomas.

    Although many doubted the two—who wed during season 3 of the series—would last a year, they’re still going strong, and are even writing a relationship book due out next year.

    Plus, despite what Kenya may have done to Peter in the public areas of the resort, Cynthia said she was absolutely sure that would be no comparison to what she and Peter did privately later that night.

    “I am a really secure women, and the only booty that shook Peter that night was mine!” she wrote.

    Watch Kenya get down, literally, with Cynthia’s hubby.

    See Peter and Cynthia, LaLa and Carmelo Anthony, Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin and more reality TV marriages and proposals.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    What was worse: Kenya booty dancing with Peter or Kenya shoving Apollo in the pool? Which wife handled it better? Leave your comments below.


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