Hosea Chanchez misses his ‘Game’ co-stars

    Hosea Chanchez is a little anxious about the upcoming season of “The Game” that won’t include Tia Mowry-Hardrict or Pooch Hall.

    “Tia’s not coming back to the show, and Pooch came back to the show for one episode. They’re gone,” Hosea told Sister 2 Sister.

    Tia and Pooch, Melanie and Derwin respectively, were considered the show’s stars for its first five seasons. However, the two exited the series after their characters were reportedly removed from the starting lineup and turned into secondary players in the ensemble cast.

    While some fans have pledged not to continue to support the show without the characters they grew to love, Hosea said decreasing viewership isn’t what troubles him about season 6.

    “It’s not scary in the sense of, ‘Oh, God. People won’t watch the show,’” he said. “It is scary in the sense of you go back to something that isn’t the way that it used to be. So, the unfamiliarity of it is, I would say, a little bit unsettling. For years…you get used to seeing the same people every single day.”

    Though there’s some uncertainty, Hosea said he has faith in the show’s producers and BET execs who he credits with saving the series.

    “I know my producers have been through things like this before. So, I trust their judgment in what they do,” he said.

    While Tia and Pooch have exited, Lauren London and Jay Ellis will be joining as new characters. Hosea said working with the two has been a pretty smooth transition so far.

    “They’re great individuals. Lauren’s a great, funny, beautiful woman, and Jay’s a great, funny guy. I guess we’ll have to wait ‘til the fans watch the show to know how it’s actually and truly going,” he said.

    —Tracy L. Scott

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