Lyric hoping to work with Missy Elliott

    It’s not easy for hip-hop artists to do shows like “The X Factor.“ The genre is as much about street cred as it is about actual ability, but along with her newly found partners-in-rhyme, Jewlz and Melee, LYRIC145’s femme fatale, Lyric Da Queen knows full-well that nothing comes easy.

    Lyric auditioned solo but was paired with the duo by the infamous Simon Cowell. Though she was accustomed to working alone, Lyric quickly changed her tune when she discovered that the trio had immediate chemistry.

    "It threw me back a little because I’ve always been solo," noted Lyric. "But once I looked at who I was gonna be in a group with, I was thinking this might actually work.”

    In addition to unquestionable talent, Lyric gained a lot of attention for her eye patch (which is for function, not fashion), which evolved from being a hindrance to becoming a part of who she is. After a few weeks on the show she had fans in the hundreds rocking eye patches in support of their new favorite artist.

    LYRIC145 was eliminated after making the Top 10, but that didn’t stop the newly formed crew from getting together, almost immediately, to ensure that the iron wouldn’t cool down one bit before their strike. The group had already gained a loyal legion of fans from the talent show and looked to capitalize on the undeniable buzz.

    "As soon as I got back to Atlanta, I didn’t even pack. I was like ‘I’m coming to New York’ and they were like, ‘Well, come on,’" said Lyric, who’s been making music with her "X-Factor" parnters ever since they were eliminated on Nov. 15 and it’s all paying off.

    "Missy (Elliott) reached out to me on Twitter" she exclaimed. Adding, "We exchanged information and she wants to work with me when she gets back from out of the country."

    This is already a dream come true for Lyric, who cited Missy as one of the primary influences behind her look in the now famous "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" performance, which was chock full of elaborate lighting and costumes that could have come right out of a Disney movie.

    "I channel her," she said. "I’m young and I’m not scared to break the rules and I feel like she breaks those same rules.”

    The timing couldn’t be better for the young femcee. At the moment hip-hop is missing two major components: females and groups, and Lyric—along with Jewlz and Melee—is looking to sew up both of those gaping holes. 

    See Lyric perform below.

    —Jacob Rohn


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