Evelyn Lozada reveals ‘Basketball Wives’ changes

    Evelyn Lozada said that fans will definitely see a change in her and her cast mates when "Basketball Wives" returns next year.

    It’s been a long year for Evelyn, who went from the high of being a newlywed to the agony of being a domestic violence victim. Top it off with the fact that her whole saga played out in the public eye, with her marriage to Chad Johnson ending weeks after it had begun.

    To cope with her personal tragedy, Evelyn had to withdraw from the spotlight. "I just went away for a while and had to regroup and refocus," she told RumorFix.com "I feel like I got another chance at life, I know that may sound crazy but that’s how I feel."

    Chad told ESPN that he feels he deserves another chance. With her new attitude, does Evelyn believe in giving people another shot?  Without speaking directly about her situation with Chad, Evelyn said, “I do believe in second chances. I actually had someone ask me that recently, and I do. I’m not bitter, things happen and yeah, I do believe in second chances. I would want somebody to give me a second chances, and you never know.”

    That second chance may extend to her cast mates on "Basketball Wives."  Last season the women came under fire for their violent antics and culture of cast antagonism. But Evelyn argues that it didn’t come out of nowhere and she refused to be labels as a bully.

    "Any arguments that I have had on the show have been because there was drama and catiness going on amongst the girls," Evelyn explained. "You know, I was never a bully. I never just picked on someone. …We actually had real, catty, reality TV show issue."

    It was that behavior, though, that caused one Spelman student  to call for a boycott of her now-cancelled spin-off "Ev & Ocho," which was later expanded to "BBW."

    "There was a lot of controversy," said Evelyn, who assured that VH1 viewers will see a much different approach to cast discord this season. "You can tell that we just have a different mindset. I mean, we’re not going to [not] voice our opinion, but at the same time, we’re not going to be physical with anyone."

    She continued, "We’re definitely changing that."

    However, Evelyn revealed that she feels "BBW" became something of a lightning rod for criticism when other shows exhibited the same behavior that made them so infamous last season.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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