Gloria reacts to ‘BBW:LA’ reunion drama

    After Adiz Bambi’s allegations that she’s had casual sex with numerous rappers, Gloria Govan isn’t sure she’ll be returning to “Basketball Wives: LA.”

    “It’s just really $h_tty to have someone lie on you, and then not be able to defend yourself or correct yourself to the point where people believe you,” Gloria recently told

    According to Gloria, she had a lot more to say in response to Bambi’s allegations that were brought up during the season and repeated during the reunion, but that part of the exchange was edited out.

    “They didn’t allow my response to Bambi [to] be aired,” said Gloria who believes either Bambi—or the men Bambi allegedly spoke to—are lying.

    “Rappers of all people, they lie on their dick. I don’t mean to be vulgar,” she said, mentioning that she’s been the victim of such gossip before.

    “It was frustrating to hear it from Bambi, too, because first and foremost I have never seen you a day in my life ever, like I didn’t even know you existed before you came on the show,” explained Gloria. “So for her to take these fake-a$$ Compton rumors and try to make them relevant is what’s really more frustrating.”

    Though Gloria’s full response was allegedly edited, what viewers did hear were her claims that she is the reason the show is on the air. That caused her Miami counterpart, Evelyn Lozada, to defend Shaunie O’Neal’s role as the franchise creator.

    “I just need to make something CLEAR! It is because of @ShaunieONeal creating BBW Miami,Shed Media & @VH1 that there is a ‘SPIN-OFF,” tweeted Evelyn.

    Gloria said she could understand Evelyn having Shaunie’s back, but was surprised by her comments.

    “Evelyn, like girl, you of all people need to stop talking. I don’t know if that head-butt got you all delusional or what, but she knows what’s up,” said Gloria.

    Bambi’s rumors aren’t the only ones Gloria has had to face recently. There was also news that she’d been fired from the show. VH1 refuted the gossip, but Gloria’s not sure she’ll be back even if she is asked.

    “I think at this point I want to kind of branch out in terms of what I want to be doing next season and I don’t agree with the direction the show is going,” she said. “There is more and more women on there and I have the upmost respect for Bambi, my sister and Jackie. I just feel like the direction the show is becoming more of a ‘Bad Girls Club,’ than it is a ‘Basketball Wives’ show.”

    See Gloria talk more about “Basketball Wives” below.




    See photos of Gloria and Laura Govan, Mary Mary, the Mowry twins and more sisters working together.

    —Tracy L. Scott

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