Porsha Stewart calls Kenya Moore ‘envious’

    Porsha Stewart wouldn’t exactly say Kenya Moore is jealous of her, but she thinks “envious” might be an adequate term.

    “When people say people are jealous of you, then you think you’re better than somebody, and I don’t think I’m better than anybody. So, I would say envious,” Porsha told the DJs at Power 105.1 in New York. “I think there’s some envy in there, and that’s a spirit. She gotta work on that.”

    Porsha, who is happily married and working toward having a child, offended co-star Kenya when they first met by asking questions about Kenya’s relationship status. Porsha admitted that she may have been “naïve” when probing into Kenya’s personal life.

    “At the lunch, when she sat down with me, I’m excited. I’m a newlywed. So, I’m talking about my husband, kids," Porsha said. "I’m looking at another adult in her 40s who should be married and have that. So, I’m talking about it with her like it’s normal, and she getting offended."

    Though Porsha continuues to bring up Kenya’s age, she said that’s only because Kenya did first. “Age would not have been an issue until she kept calling me a little girl,” said Porsha, who later told Wendy Williams that Kenya’s accomplishments does matter.

    “One thing I will and I can say is that I absolutely respect her legacy,” she said.

    However, Kenya has made it clear that she doesn’t have the same regard for Porsha’s claim to fame.

    While Kenya boasts that she worked her way up and achieved the high goals she set for herself, the former Miss USA believes Porsha is just living off of the legacy of her grandfather, a civil rights icon, and her NFL husband. Porsha didn’t dispute that when she appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

    “I mean, I would be remiss to have that sort of legacy in my family and not continue it. So, of course I’m on the back,” she said. “I’ll continue to represent my family, and my husband is excellent. He loves me and adores me. So, I respect him and ride on his back every day.”

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    —Tracy L. Scott




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