‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 12.17.12


    Kandi: “Todd and I are going with the flow.”

    Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker spent their time in Anguilla sexing it up in common areas of the resort.

    The two admitted that they “christened” the hot tub, which just reinforced Phaedra Parks’ fears about submerging herself and her lady parts in hot water shared by others.

    “I don’t do hot tubs that I haven’t personally Cloroxed [not a verb] and cleaned myself, and since I’m in love with my own vagina, I protect it dearly,” Phaedra said.

    Maybe all Todd and Kandi’s sexing is helping them deal with the pressure they’re feeling about getting married.

    With Kenya Moore still hoping for a ring, and Peter Thomas planning to renew vows with Cynthia Bailey, Kandi admits, “It’s making me feel kinda, pressure.”

    It doesn’t help matters that the lantern the two release into the atmosphere later on, doesn’t quite take off as expected. Instead, it sort of flops into the sand, leading Kandi to wonder.

    “I am very superstitious, and that was a bad sign to me,” she said.

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