‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 12.17.12

    Kenya: “I’m being polite, and she’s pushing the issue.”

    Kenya Moore is a woman who knows what she wants, and she continues to dream of an island proposal from beau Walter Jackson.

    When he whisks her away from the group for some one-on-one time, she’s hopeful that he’s about to pop the question. However, he only wants to let her know about the vow renewal happening the next day.

    “Why can’t it be my ceremony?” Kenya whines.

    Though Walter has had little to say about eloping or marriage, in general, that doesn’t keep Kenya from telling the ladies that she and Walter discuss the topic on a regular basis.

    “We always have discussions about marriage,” said Kenya, who obviously isn’t seeing the same thing viewers are. Is it editing or is Kenya really seeing things that aren’t there?

    Ironically, all this questioning about Kenya’s relationship comes just a week after Walter pretty much called their romance a hoax, but let’s get back to the episode.

    After the ceremony on the beach, the ladies all get together to relax and unwind. It’s all cordial until NeNe Leakes and Porsha Stewart decide to rehash the drama that took place at Porsha’s charity event.

    Porsha gives Kenya props for seemingly being a different person now, and Kenya suggests she just needed time to get to know everyone.

    “Sometimes you have to warm-up to somebody,” said Kenya, seemingly trying to put an end to the conversation, but Porsha wants to relive it. When Kenya opts not to go over it all again, things go left.

    Porsha calls Kenya a “non-factor” and Kenya lets the expletives roll, repeatedly calling Porsha a “b!tc#.”

    As things heat up, NeNe and Cynthia intervene to keep the women apart. “Kenya just went all sorts of Coo Coo,” according to NeNe.

    Porsha continues to belittle Kenya’s achievements, suggesting she’s irrelevant and calling her a “whore.”

    Eventually Kenya composes herself with a few Gone With the Wind twirls, calls herself "fabulous" and decides to go to bed instead of entertaining Porsha any further.

    However, fans can rest assured that the drama between Kenya and Porsha is “to be continued.”

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