S2S Review: ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets’

    Mona Scott-Young let everyone in on some special tea with "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets."

    In last night’s special, VH1 filled "LHHA" fans in on what they didn’t get to see during the season and let cast members explain how they really felt, and S2S was glued to the TV! Check out what we loved about "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets" and what VH1 really needed to work on.

    What we liked:
    - We saw cast reactions to their own antics.
    - Stevie J finally explained the rat face!
    - Mama Dee was very well put together with an age-appropriate look.
    - Mimi owned up to her affinity for using the b-word.
    - Joseline finally understands how hard she is to understand.
    - K.Michelle’s one liner about Rasheeda being a "fake Chilli" was hilarious.
    - Joseline asked K.Michelle to calm down while taping the season 1 reunion.
    - Funky Dineva was throwing all types of shade in the special segments.
    - "Hair laid like Howard The Duck" was our favorite quote of the night.
    - The commentary from the crew—especially Carlos—was great!
    - Mama Dee, who may now be a cougar, still refers to her world as a kingdom.
    - The audition footage was nice.
    - We got to see the origins of the Mimi Faust/Stevie J/Joseline Hernandez love triangle.
    - K.Michelle is determined to get her man, and she seems to have gotten him (check out Daily Buzz 12.17.12 below).
    - True to form, Stevie was hugged up on Mimi and Joseline.
    - Joseline’s hair and makeup look much better this season, and she is just as big of a character as she was last season.
    - The crew checked Joseline on her relationship with Stevie.
    - We finally got to see who started the fight.
    - Lil Scrappy’s reaction when Erica looked right through him was priceless—especially because he was wearing a bright orange puffer vest! There was no way to miss him.
    - Mama Dee admits that she can identify with Nancy Jones.
    - Shooting for "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" is already under way.
    - We got to see a promo for the next season of "Love & Hip Hop"!

    What they needed to work on:
    - What happened to Karlie Redd? She didn’t appear until near the end of the show and her quote was random!
    - Stevie J’s audition video outfit looked like a costume. He was doing way too much with that ensemble.
    - Rasheeda didn’t get a lot of time to talk about what was going on in her marriage last season.
    - Where was Ariane? She better be on "LHHA" next season!
    - The special was shot in a strip club. What was that about?
    - We wish VH1 would have spent a little more time with Shay, who is clearly plotting some type of revenge.
    - Shay should not have expected much out of Scrappy because she was cool being the other woman.
    - We really didn’t need to see Joseline on the pole.
    - We don’t know how Joseline could possibly have thought her life was in danger.
    - Mona’s disembodied voice asking questions had us a little thrown off.
    - The bull-riding clip was ridiculous.
    - We needed K.Michelle to stop referring to herself in the third person, and her collar was too much!
    - We didn’t need the butt shot countdown.

    Watch "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets" in its entirety!

    Find out who K.Michelle was spotted smooching when you flip through Daily Buzz 12.17.12, below.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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