Single lady searches for her Obama in new web series

    Finding the perfect man isn’t easy, but one single lady is determined to land her own personal Barack Obama.

    You know you’re playing the dating game all wrong when you wake up from a one night stand with a momma’s boy and head straight for your computer to pine over the picture of a man that you will never have. That’s the unenviable position fed-up, frustrated single Nefetari finds herself in in the new web series "Finding My Obama."


Part "Girlfriends" part "Sex And the City," the series is the brain child of "Bernie Mac Show" writers Antonia March and Jacqueline McKinley. "Finding My Obama" follows Nefetari as she sifts through the Los Angeles dating scene in search of a suitable beau.

    The series comes from all the shenanigans Jackie has experienced in her lifetime. Although Jackie’s been in a relationship for about two years (Antonia’s been married for 18 years), she said she kept running into the wrong types of dudes before she met her man. Specifically, she would end up with guys that have no drive.

    "They’re not bad people, but they’re not what I should be looking for," Jackie explained. "So, when I see Barack Obama, I’m like ‘That’s a good guy.’ But I always question myself. A lot of times I want a guy that’s like hip and cool. Would I have given him a chance?"

    Antonia added, "I got married very, very young, so my dating [experience] is limited. I live my dating life vicariously through Jackie."

    Jackie acknowledged that there was a chance she may have passed on the president in his younger days. "I might not go out with him for the right reasons," she said.

    "Finding My Obama" may not be a direct play-by-play of Jackie’s life, but the series is relatable with its modern-day woes. But no matter what madness Nefetari runs into—including unknowingly trying to holler at a homeless man—she always ends the show with a renewed resolve to get back out there and find her man. 

    Backing her up on her quest for love are three of her best friends, but Antonia and Jackie gave "Finding My Obama" a little twist by having men be half of the besties roster. In Jackie’s opinion, getting a man’s perspective offers invaluable information, and none of them will be realer with you about men than your best guy friend.

    "We wanted the guys, even though they’re her friends to challenge her thinking," said Antonia.

    "A lot of time when you have your girlfriends they kind of just yes you to death. They’ll tell you what you want to hear," Jackie chimed in. "But, you know, with a guy he’s going to weigh in with his own thinking."

Antonia and Jackie have their own pointers too! "When it comes to dating advice, I am the person that will always say, ‘Don’t go for the cute guy,’" Antonia advises. "You gotta sometimes go for the guy that’s not too attractive, but he works hard. Don’t always go for the obvious guy."

    But it’s not all about looks. What really defines a potential Obama are his inner qualities. "I think when you’re looking for your Obama, you’re looking for a guy who has potential," said Antonia. He does not have to have it all together at the time of meeting him, but he has to have some goals."

    She added, "Really a guy that wants to be a father, a good man and a good husband."

    But Jackie said ladies need not be restrictive when looking for their Obama. According to her, "Those are the basics. What your particular Obama is can change. Even if you’re a Black woman that dates outside your race that could still be your Obama."

    Well, Nef has’t gotten down with the swirl just yet, but check out her date with a single dad in the latest episode of "Finding My Obama"!






—Sonya Eskridge




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