‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 12.18.12

    "Basketball Wives: LA" has finally come to a close, but was anything resolved?

    Who goes home?

    Rumors have been swirling that VH1 made a few cast cuts; rumors that were all later denied! But if there were going to be some changes to the "BBW: LA" roster, reunion
    host John Salley wanted to know who the ladies want ejected from the show.

    Jackie was the only one who voted for herself because she feels like people don’t want her to be part of the cast (and she would be right).

    Draya Michele wants to give Laura Govan the boot and Laura wants Bambi benched. Gloria Govan was a little more strategic in her vote for Malaysia Pargo to leave, hoping that Bambi’s exit would not be far behind.

    The hate is mutual between Bambi and the Govan sisters!

    The rapper, who was never an official part of the cast, stated that she wants both of the Laura and Gloria gone. But if it were up to the audience, Bambi, Draya and Malaysia would be the only ones left on the show.

    Bossip pops in!

    The show hit the blogs as Jonsey of Bossip took the reigns of the reunion, asking the public’s most urgent questions about the cast.

    But the biggest query for fans was why Bambi cares so much about Laura’s intentions and actions towards Jackie. While it made absolutely no sense throughout the season, the rapper explained that she’s concerned Laura’s two-faced ways could extend to Malaysia. And we ALL know that Bambi rides for Malaysia and vice versa!

    Jackie goes off on Laura

    Jackie Christie is still hot about the fact that her daughter Chantel chatted with Laura behind her back. But Jackie’s not mad at her baby; she takes issue with Laura for having lunch with her daughter

    For her part Laura admits that she was wrong for what she did, but she refused to take the blame for setting the chat up. While Laura places responsibility for the ill-fated lunch on Chantel’s shoulders, Jackie was not trying to hear it.

    Draya vs Brooke: The breakdown

    The beef between Draya and fellow model Brooke came down to one bit of common sense: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    Draya admitted that she wasn’t as happy for Brooke as she could have been, but Brooke took issue with the fact that her delivery came off a little derisive. In any case, they seem to be thoroughly done with the matter, and each other.

    4th quarter comments

    One "Basketball Wives: LA" viewer wanted to know why Jackie was so pressed about being friends with her cast mates. The fan definitely took a shot at Jackie’s cast mates, and the "BBW: LA" matriarch came to the ladies’ defense. 

    Just when it seemed as though the season 2 reunion would end somewhat amicably, there was one final dust up between Laura and Draya.

    —Sonya Eskridge



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