Malaysia Pargo talks strained ‘BBW:LA’ friendships

    After trying to keep her BFF Adiz Bambi from physically fighting the Govan sisters, Malaysia Pargo says friendships are strained.

    “Trying to make sure that relationships don’t clash was one of the hardest things, but at the end of the day, my loyalty to [Bambi] will always shine through,” Malaysia told VH1.

    Malaysia was also friends with Laura Govan, despite the fact that the two nearly came to blows in the very first episode of “Basketball Wives: L.A.”

    “My relationship with Laura was totally different than my relationship with Bambi,” she said. “Bambi is like a sister to me. She knows my ins and outs, and I know what makes her tick, how to smooth things over, when to hold her back. I know it all, but what we don’t know is television.”

    Malaysia definitely served as the mediator during season 2. She helped bring estranged co-star, Jackie Christie, back into the fold. She calmed Bambi when she wanted to take a swing at Gloria Govan, and she encouraged Draya Michele and Brooke Bailey to fix their issues.

    “I’m just naturally like that. I want everyone to get along and have a good time. I just thought most of the issues were weird or something that you could brush under the rug,” said Malaysia.

    Unfortunately, Malaysia wasn’t able to help the ladies get along, but she managed to stay cool with just about everyone.

    However, she admitted that things aren’t the same between her and Laura.

    “I just think that on the whole our relationship was strained because we really didn’t connect too much this season. It’s not that we hate each other, we just aren’t in a strong suit right now,” said Malaysia, who recognized that Bambi’s distaste for the Govan sisters may have had something to do with that.

    “[Bambi] was on the phone with me after my [season 1] fight with Laura. She was with me when I received the text from Gloria saying she was going to whoop my a$$ on sight. She knew all of that. So yes, maybe she still hung on to that, ‘You guys did my friend wrong’ thing,” explained Malaysia. “As a friend, you’re always going to keep your keen eye open, and I don’t think she was feeling it with the Govan sisters.”

    —Tracy L. Scott



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