‘Marrying The Game’ recap: 12.18.12

    Tiffney Cambridge had to walk away from her would-be hubby on the season finale of "Marrying The Game."

    Game goes to counseling

    If Tiffney and Game were going to make it to the altar, she figured they’d need as much help as they can get. That’s why she signed them up for a relationship counseling session, where they could not have been on more opposite pages.

    Tiffney was there to improve their communication, but Game was just passing time until he had to go to work.

    Another problem we’re seeing? Tiffney believes that all men cheat, but she wants her husband to be 100 percent faithful to her. Those arguments don’t provide any chance for her wants and her belief to line up.

    Tiffney comes to the studio

    Tiffney doesn’t usually head to the studio, so when she showed up Game knew it was for something important. Ideally, Tiffney would have liked to get her man to understand that she needs him to be a little more present in the relationship. She wants Game to put as much effort into what should be their marriage as he does his music.

    Tiffney came with a mission and a goal in mind, and she hoped that getting dolled up would make Game a little more receptive to what she has to say.  The problem is that she may have gotten too cute because Game had something entirely different on his mind from her pressing business.


    Tiffney becomes a runaway bride

    Breakups suck. They especially suck when you have to go through it in the public eye. But Tiffney ended their relationship on TV.

    The would-be bride was finally fed up with not being a priority in Game’s life. When she brought that concern to him, he wasn’t trying to see things from her point of view. Afterall, after eight years and five albums, Game thought Tiffney shouldn’t be expecting to come before his work.

    And that was the final straw for Tiffney. She had to walk away.


    This isn’t the end of the story, though. Game and Tiffney, who grace the cover of Sister 2 Sister‘s December 2012 issue, are back together. But will they get hitched any time soon? Find out when you flip through Daily Buzz 12.18.12 below!

    —Sonya Eskridge

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