S2S Review: ‘Tiny Tonight’

    Tiny finally got to debut the talk show she’s been dreaming about for months when VH1 aired "Tiny Tonight" on Monday. She couldn’t have done it on her own, though! 

    Tiny rounded up some of her most fab and opinionated girl friends as she rehashed all things 2012 with Tamar Braxton, Claudia Jordan, Trina and Shekinah. On a network where reality shows rule, "Tiny Tonight" was a nice break from the norm.  Things didn’t go off without a hitch, though. Scroll down for our review of "Tiny Tonight" to see what we like and what they need to work on.

    What We Like:
    -Tiny got an interesting mix of co-hosts for "Tiny Tonight."
    - The show was like a really glamorous girls night in
    - The show would not have been the same without Shekinah.
    - Trina did her best not to get into the middle of any controversy
    - The cast gave props to other women with minimal amounts of shade.
    - Tamar quote of the night: "I wanted to kick Chris Brown in the throat."
    - The Tinies were a nice touch.
    - The intro to the show as very Tiny.
    - We appreciate that Trina and Tiny stuck up for Beyonce and her pregnancy.
    - The conversation flowed nicely like it would if you were talking with your own friends.
    - Tamar kept it real about where she’s at mentally on the whole motherhood thing.
    - We never expected half the things Claudia Jordan said to come out of her mouth.
    - Tiny compared Honey Boo Boo to "a mini, White Tamar."
    - Tamar ws honest that her show "Tamar & Vince" has resparked a couple of spats in her marriage to Vincent Herbert.
    - They called Prince Harry "ratchet"!

    What They Need To Work On:
    - Tiny had her assistant stand in line for her on election day…and she didn’t know who the candidates were aside from President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
    - Why in the world does an 8-year-old boy have an Instagram account?!
    - How come Shekinah didn’t get a special walk out/intro like all the other co-hosts?
    - Claudia Jordan tried to get Trina to take sides in the Nicki Minaj vs Mariah Carey beef. Messy!
    - Tamar and Shekinah seemed to have a moment where they almost got into it.
    - Shekinah probably should have explained what the word "ratchet" means to people because they clearly seemed confused.
    - It was kind of mean to call Karrueche Tran the rebound chick.
    - We’re not sure how the porn industry came into the year-end review.
    - We didn’t need to know that Tamar, Trina, Tiny and Claudia watch porn…that was their business.
    - Claudia Jordan was doing the most by wearing a ball gown for the show. 

    In case you missed any part of the show, watch "Tiny Tonight" in its entirety below!


    Joseline wasn’t too happy with what Tamar said about her, and she let the "Love and War" singer have it! Find out what Joseline had to say when you flp through Daily Buzz 12.18.12



    —Sonya Eskridge




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