Laura Govan claims she beat Draya Michele

    Laura Govan fired shots at quite a few of her “Basketball Wives: L.A.” co-stars this week and hinted that VH1 cut footage of her beating up on Draya Michele.

    Laura tuned in with viewers for part 2 of the season 2 reunion, and aimed her Twitter target at nemesis Adiz Bambi, who suggested Gloria Govan Barnes’ web series was nothing to boast about. Of course, Laura came to her sister’s defense.

    “How you gonna hate on a web series when you’re doing a Mixtape tho,” she wrote. “I wonder what label Bambi is signed to? Never Coming Out Record…No Talent Music Group, Girl, bye!”


    It didn’t stop there. When Draya chimed in on Laura’s covert conversation with Jackie Christie’s daughter, Laura reminded Twitter followers about past allegations that Draya once left her son alone in their apartment unsupervised and hungry.

    “Draya should be the last one to speak on anyone’s kids…didn’t you abandoned your son? #BBWLA,” she tweeted.

    However, what really shocked fans was Laura’s claim that there was a physical altercation between her and Draya that VH1 didn’t air!

    “U didn’t say that when I whooped that a$$ tho. #ReleaseThatFootagee #BBWLA,” she wrote.

    Laura’s claims haven’t been confirmed, but considering that a tussle between Brooke Bailey and Jackie was cut from an episode, viewers aren’t just dismissing the tweet as rumor.

    It’s not clear at what point Draya and Laura might have fought. Draya seemed to be more focused on Jackie and Brooke during season 2. Laura’s main beef was with Bambi. However, Draya and Bambi appear to have quite a connection, and no one really approved of Laura’s vendetta against Jackie.

    No matter the cause of the tension, Laura said she had the last word when she supposedly knocked Draya out.

    “She was sleep like Paciquiao. #ReleaseThatFootage,” she wrote.

    Laura, who insisted that her Twitter tough talk was primarily for entertainment purposes, ended her rant with a simple sign off by saying, “Ok. I’m done. Thanks for the laughs.”

    Check out her tweets below!


    Laura may not care for Draya, but if you do, take a look at her photos.


    —Kimberley Glascoe

    Do you think Laura was too hard on her fellow co-stars, or was she only speaking the truth? Do you think there was a fight between Laura and Draya? Leave your comments below.



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