Tamar Braxton denies shading Beyoncé

    Tamar Braxton is denying that she ever accused Beyoncé of faking her pregnancy.

    Monday’s debut of "Tiny Tonight" started off with a heated debate about whether or not Bey actually carried daughter Blue Ivy to term.

    While rapper Trina and Tameka "Tiny" Harris defended Bey’s maternity (Tiny even said she felt the baby bump), Tamar said she wasn’t so sure. The "Love and War" singer said that at first she believed Beyoncé really was pregnant, but a video in which her bump seemed to collapse as she sat in a chair raised Tamar’s doubts.

    Tamar has received a little criticism for insinuating that perhaps Bey was never with child. However, Tamar argues that she never explicitly said as much and laid the blame for the comment on cast mate Claudia Jordan’s shoulders.

    "Never said Beyoncé faked her pregnancy! That was Claudia’s a*s! I was talking about the video that came out this year so _/ and rewind," Tamar tweeted, advising her detractors to have a seat.

    Claudia didn’t take Tamar’s denial silently, though! "Blame the new girl…I get it. #TheStruggle," Claudia tweeted in response. "Twitter gangsters…cussing out people they will never meet to their 45 followers one day at a time. #TheStruggle."

    Joseline Hernandez also had a bone to pick with Tamar following "Tiny Tonight." See how she went off on the "Tamar & Vince" star when you flip through Daily Buzz 12.18.12 below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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