Porsha: Kenya has no ‘home training’

    Porsha Stewart said Kenya Moore’s tendency to react violently when confronted is an indication that she lacks home training.

    “When a grown woman over 40, her first response to any type of conversation that she doesn’t like, is she calls you the B-word, and tells you she’s going to punch you in your face, she has no class and she’s pretty much ignorant,” Porsha told Sister 2 Sister.

    Porsha and Kenya have rubbed one another the wrong way since the two first met on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” during what was supposed to be a leisurely lunch between ladies. Things went left, and they’re still not right. They’ve not exchanged blows, just harsh words, but Kenya did warn Porsha, “You’re gonna get punched in the face.”

    Porsha said she had no intention of getting into any physical altercations on the show. If something like that had gone down, she would have called an attorney.

    “Nobody physically touched anyone. I was threatened. I was definitely threatened of that. My response to that is I will sue anybody who thinks that they can put their hand on me,” said Porsha. “I’ll sue her for every little penny that she thinks that she still has if she will put her hand on me.”

    Following the near battle that took place between Porsha and Kenya in Anguilla, Porsha questioned Kenya’s efforts to explain her side of the drama and doubts it will do much to salvage her reputation.

    “People walk around as if their image is going to stay clean after acting like they just never had any home training, and it’s not, and I don’t like that,” said Porsha, who described herself as “sweet,” but assured she’s not interested in playing anyone’s victim.

    “It’s not that type of party. I don’t allow people to touch me and put their hand on me,” she said.

    Hear more from Porsha below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Is there still hope for Kenya and Porsha’s relationships? Should they try to work things out or agree to disagree and move on? Leave your comments below.

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