Andrea Kelly talks domestic abuse stigma

    “Hollywood Exes” star Andrea Kelly is encouraging women to support other women who reveal stories of domestic abuse.

    While Andrea, the ex-wife of R.Kelly, did find some support when she opened up about her domestic abuse, her reality co-star counterparts, K.Michelle and Evelyn Lozada, both received harsh words from people who either doubted their stories or said that the women had it coming.

    “I think in my grandmother’s era, you were kind of looked at as your husband’s property. ‘What did you do to set him off?’” Andrea said, adding, “A lot of times women have to stop and think, ‘If this was me asking my sister the same questions, what answer would I want?’”








    Get more of this story in the December 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.






    —Tracy L. Scott



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