Cynthia Bailey feels sorry for Kenya Moore

    Cynthia Bailey tries to stay away from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” drama, but she doesn’t regret her confrontation with co-star Kenya Moore.

    “I’m a closure girl. I definitely needed to get that off my chest,” said Cynthia, who pulled Kenya aside while in Anguilla to rehash the Bailey Agency/Jet magazine casting call that started the two ladies off on the wrong foot.

    Cynthia said she had never addressed the incident with Kenya directly because she didn’t realize she’d be bumping into the former Miss USA on a regular basis.

    However, after Kenya invited herself on Cynthia’s trip and attempted to read her by presenting her with a book, Cynthia wanted to clear the air.

    “Kenya gave me the book to be mean-spirited and I think that’s just unfortunate,” Cynthia told Sister 2 Sister. “We’re sitting up there having a beautiful lunch. All of this was put together because of Peter [Thomas] and I. I thought it was inappropriate.”

    Though she felt Kenya’s gift was “supposed to be a read,” Cynthia said she’s unfazed.

    “I just feel sorry for her in a way. She’s not really all that bad, but she just kinda… I don’t know. My whole thing is: If she’s nice to me. I’m nice to her,” said Cynthia. “I try not to pay Kenya too much attention. Her issues have nothing to do with me. I try to take the high road.”

    Besides her little verbal spat with Kenya, Cynthia has avoided drama with most of the women this season. She quickly addressed a “butt dial” situation with Phaedra Parks that ended in an apology and a floral arrangement. When Kenya dirty danced with Peter, Cynthia didn’t give it a second thought. Some find Cynthia’s easy-going attitude commendable, but others criticize her for being too nice.

    “It’s never easy when you’re on reality TV and you try to be the bigger person. It translates that you’re weak,” said Cynthia, who’s mindful that young girls, including her daughter Noelle, are watching the show.

    “My daughter is 13 now. I would never want her to see me doing anything, cursing and calling people out their name. I can’t say I won’t do it. I just don’t want to do it on TV,” she said.

    Cynthia is also aware that her fans hold her to a high standard and aren’t interested in seeing her throwing ‘bows at anybody.

    “I think there’s an expectation for me to take the high road. For the most part, my fans expect me to be Cynthia. I’m the kind of person who would try to resolve things without fighting. I’m 45 years old. I’m not really trying to get in a fight with another lady,” said Cynthia.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Does Cynthia take the high road too much? Should she be more aggressive about addressing issues between her and her co-stars? Post your feedback below.


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