‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 12.24.12

    Kenya: “Is this man going to propose to me?”
    It wasn’t Cynthia or Porsha who upset Kenya this time. It was the realization that Walter had no intention of proposing while on the trip. As Kenya listened to the other couples tell their engagement stories, she couldn’t help but be saddened that it was not her turn.

    Walter didn’t help things by assuring all their friends that he was not about to get down on one knee. That sent Kenya fleeing from the table, and Walter followed her just to make sure she was clear on his stance not to propose.

    “Let me go at my own pace,” he said in a tone that was less than consoling.

    Fortunately for Kenya, she does have at least one friend on the cast. Phaedra leaves the table to check on her friend who’s sitting under a tree with tears running down her face.

    “I feel sorry for Kenya,” said Phaedra, who describes the former Miss USA as “longing for love.”
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