Pilar talks spousal abuse by athletes

    Pilar Sanders highlights a growing pattern of athletes who physically abuse their spouses, and she includes herself in that group of victimized women.

    “The very drastic increase of athletes, football players who snap, and unfortunately, take their lives and other people’s lives with them. It’s not that far off; it’s not uncommon among athletes,” she told CherryOnTop.com.

    Pilar didn’t name any specific incident, but in August her friend Evelyn Lozada was involved in a domestic dispute with then-husband Chad Johnson. More recently, the NFL’s Jovan Belcher allegedly killed his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself.

    “It’s very, very, very not uncommon when you speak with other NFL wives, football wives, athletes’ wives,” she said. “And maybe, perhaps, people will believe it more so now.”

    In April, Pilar and Deion got into a public dispute that resulted in Pilar’s arrest. Since then, the two have continued to battle in court.

    At a recent court hearing in Dallas, Pilar lost custody of the couple’s two boys and the judge reduced Deion’s child support payments to Pilar to $5,500. The monthly allotment was previously $10,500. Pilar retained custody of their daughter.

    Pilar’s publicist, Kali Bowyer released a statement regarding the verdict.

    “Pilar has become a victim of Deion’s celebrity status, which has swayed the courts and blinded justice. It has become evident at this point that there is an absolute prejudice against Pilar, and this has become a completely one-sided court circus."

    Pilar isn’t the only woman in a custody battle who’s claimed that her babydaddy’s star status is an obstacle.

    Former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed has even asked her son’s father, Dwight Howard, to help pay her court costs. She reasoned that she may lose custody of her son by default because she struggles to pay the high fees that Dwight can pay with ease.

    For Pilar, she said that celebrity advantage is making it possible for Deion to keep her children away from her.

    “Normally you would think you’re dealing with normal people who really want the best interest of their children to spring forth and to lead, but it’s not always the case, and in this case, it’s not,” she said.

    See Pilar and Deion and more reality couples gone wrong.

    —Jacob Rohn


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