‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 12.31.12

    Kenya: “I just feel deceived.”

    After their not-so-great time in Anguilla, where Walter Jackson humiliated Kenya Moore by publicly dismissing the idea that he’d propose to her anytime soon, the two hadn’t spent much time together. So, they meet to talk things out.

    Kenya explains how Walter’s aggressive manner and harsh words made her feel, and Walter reiterated that he’s not proposing on anyone’s timetable, but his own.

    “If we’re not working toward marriage, I need you to tell me that,” said Porsha who still didn’t get a straight answer from Walter. He did profess his love for her’ however, he admitted he wasn’t in love enough to pop the question.

    Kenya pointed out that Walter has described himself as a man who moves quickly, but he clarified that swiftness didn’t apply to every decision.

    In the end, Kenya left as discouraged as she arrived.

    “I can’t make you feel something that you don’t,” she said. “I’m over this.”

    It didn’t help things later when Walter arrived at Cynthia Bailey’s event, only to spend 10 or 15 minutes chatting it up with the fellas before even acknowledging Kenya’s presence.

    That’s around the time Porsha Stewart decided to approach Kenya to see if the two could work their differences out. Ummmm, that didn’t go so well.

    Kenya left the shindig shortly after Walter arrived, and while she was all smiles when he first greeted her, her face was on the floor as they headed to the door.

    To be continued…

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