Chad Johnson dismisses Evelyn Lozada reunion rumors

    Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada might have met up the other night, but that doesn’t mean they’re together.

    "Evelyn a I aren’t together or a couple, I’m in the Bahamas bringing the New Year n how i was born (solo)," Chad tweeted after his pre-New Year’s Eve dinner with Evelyn and his family.

    So what was up with Evelyn and Chad’s "date" the other night? Let Evelyn tell your herself!

    The "Basketball Wives" star decided to address any questions and confusion about the brief reunion on her website because, as she put it, "It seems as though things have gotten a wee bit out of control."

    Based on a few shots snapped at the family dinner, the public speculates that a reconciliatoin is on the way for Chad and Evelyn. But she said there was nothing romantic aboutt he night. "I attended a dinner with Chad’s daughter, not only because I love baby girl like my own, but to support Chad and his fan appreciation dinner," she explained.

    It was important for Evelyn not to let things get too far before assumptions got too wild, so she broke down exactly what was going on when someone snapped a picture of her and Chad holding hands.

    "While at the dinner, several photos popped up on the Internet of Chad and I holding hands, while in the process of blessing the food," Evelyn added. "The blogs made last night seem as though, we walked hand and hand into the restaurant announcing a reunion, which wasn’t the case."

    And while she was on the subject, Evelyn took time to shoot down any rumors that she and Chad are back together. "I care for Chad, we are friends and we love one another, however, we are still separated," she asserted. Evelyn, who was officially divorced from Chad by the end of September, further spelled out the details of their separation by stating that they are "not living under the same roof and working on ourselves because we have a long way to go."

    Evelyn is uncertain about her future, but she’s leaning on her faith to guide her through. "I know God holds [the future] and I’m taking things one day at a time. I appreciate the love from so many of you and right now I’m still working on becoming a better person," she said.

    The reality star isn’t playing about that goal, either. She revealed that she and her ex-hubby are putting in some serious work towards getting their lives together. "Chad and I are attending therapy separately," Evelyn announced, "meeting with a Life Coach and trying to figure out how to work on our individual selves and navigate through this entire ordeal."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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