S2S Review: ‘The Sisterhood’ premiere

    TLC brought viewers to God’s house with "The Sisterhood." Check out the first episode and see what we loved and hated about the show!

    It’s not quite Watchnight Service, but TLC sprang into 2013 with "The Sisterhood"!

    As soon as news of a church-centric reality show began circulating, God-fearing reality TV lovers were a little worried about what the series might bring. Was it going to be good, Christian TV or another excuse to watch grown women go off? Well the truth is that the show is actually a little of both.

    "The Sisterhood," which debuted last night, centers on five Atlanta preachers’ wives. They all love the Lord, but from the debut episode it looks like they need to work a little harder on loving each other. Check out the rest of our review and catch the entire first episode below!

    What We Love:
    - "The Sisterhood" gives an updated view of preachers and pastors.

    - It was good to see a range of congregations sizes.
    - Christina’s daughters are a trip.
    - Producers did a good job of framing the cast of characters.
    -  Ivy’s son is exact 50/50 split between her her hubby and he’s adorable!
    - The first wives were direct about getting the tea on why Tara and Brian were booted from their church. There’s no need to beat around the bush!
    - Dominique’s hubby takes care of his women, but he still makes it clear he’s king of the castle.

    - It was interesting to find out how invested Domique and her husband were in keeping the doors of their old church open.

    - Dominque was very honest about how losing the church has affected her marriage.
    - Christina was very aware that visiting her church would be hard for Dominique, and she was right.
    - Tara and her husband are real about their struggle, but they have some far out dreams.

    - Tara believes that she heard God speak to her spirit about Brian and His vision for them.
    - Dominique is willing to sacrifice everything for her dream—even the title to her car!
    - It was good to see how different church leaders can come together in a social setting.
    - Sex ed class was hilariously uncomfortable. Who wants to know that their dad had crabs?
    - Christna and Anthony were very open with their girls about sex.
    - Christina quickly clearded up that Pastor Anthony was STD-free when they
    - "A peculiar treasure" has to be the new "bless your heart."
    - The show explores how first ladies live outside of the pulpit
    - First ladies don’t just have to be one way. The women of "The Sisterhood" show that you can still be who you are and love the Lord.
    - Dominique decided to invite Tara over to the house instead of relying on her assumptions.
    - The first ladies are all very stylish in their own right.

    What They Need To Work On:
    - Tara and her hubby flirting at the gym was a little much after a while.
    - Delana Rutherford didn’t make an appearance, so we’re curious to see how she’s introduced.
    - Some of Tara’s hair styles were a tragedy.
    - There was immediately some suspicion about the conditions surrounding Brian and Tara getting booted from their Atlanta church just six weeks after he arrived to preach.

    - The cast should have asked for a little more detail on Brian’s dismissal before scandalizing the fact that it happened.
    - Did Brian really say jewish people were "the original Black people"?
    - Brian was really oversharing at the first dinner. Do people really need to know that cops have been called to your house?!
    - Why was Ivy coming to Dominque’s shop with gossip?
    - Gossip definitely spreads around the churches and the first ladies are not immune to passing information along.
    - Interracial relationships seemed to be a hot-button topic when it came to Tara and her marriage. It didn’t seem to be as big of an issue for Anthony and Christina. Are we seeing a double standard?!
    - Why were these women arguing about when to bust out a scripture?!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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